Since I decided to enter the world of writing, I realized that there is so much to write about. However, I know that I must first introduce myself to the world. My name is Karimah Grayson and I am the author of “Life Without You”, my first novel waiting for final approval from my publisher. Not far after will be my second novel which is currently titled “The Shoulders On Which I Stand”.

Prior to me blogging about my novels, I first would like to share a little history of me. Currently I’m a high school teacher, mother, grandmother, wife, and most important servant of Allah, The Most High. My complex background allows me to view people, ideas, and things differently than so many others.

Therefore, it is through my lens that I will share how I view things and my perception. Which, in essence, means that some may agree and some may disagree with my thoughts and statements. I enjoy banter and discourse; however, I do not like boorish or rude people.

So, in conclusion of this blog, I want it to be clear that I agree to disagree with others and to have others disagree with me. However, I do not agree to be belittled, demeaned, cursed at, or anything that will make conversations move from productive to counter productive.

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