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By the Novella

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Between Sisters, SVP!

Assalamu aleikum,

I’m happy to announce that my novella is finally out! 🙂 Alhamdullilah! Wanna get closure on my past stories about my characters? Read Zengi Girls to know what happens next to them!


Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

Papatia Feauxzar

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NbA Muslim Woman Author Karimah Grayson’s Areebah’s Dilemma Reviewed by TSC

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Thank you for the review.

Native-born American Muslims

love or deen 2

Review in SUNY Empire State College’s The Student Connection newsletter:

Areebah’s Dilemma: Love or Deen
By Karimah Grayson
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$14.99, 280 pp, Paper

Life is often fraught with ethical quagmires that make it necessary for one to make tough choices. In Areebah’s Dilemma: Love or Deen by Karimah Grayson, the main character must decide whether or not she will enter a relationship that may produce negative consequences for her faith. Areebah, a happily married Muslim woman, is preparing for the death of her terminally-ill husband. At the same time, she is presented the chance to become reacquainted with her long lost love, Frankie. Unfortunately for Areebah, Frankie is not Muslim, which makes him an unacceptable suitor. Added, is the fact that Frankie is married, so she also must decide if she will play the role of homewrecker.

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Looking at NbA Muslim Women Writers: Areebah’s Dilemma Love or Deen

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The review by Layla was magnificent. Just listening to her recap of the story made my heart skip a beat. I am honored that she took the time to not just read but to record and upload her review of my book. It’s great when someone really understands the premise behind your book. Additionally, I also appreciate her candor regarding some of the missteps taken during the writing and editing process. She is a gem worth having, maa shaa Allah.

Native-born American Muslims

Areebah’s Dilemma Love or Deen by Karimah Grayson is a romance that follows a Muslim woman who must decide between her faith and the man she loves.  Check out NbA Muslims’ video review!
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Article: Scott Walker’s latest attack on unions is straight out of Alec’s playbook

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Scott Walker’s latest attack on unions is straight out of Alec’s playbook

Article: Great and Greatest: How Venus Williams Helped Create Serena

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Great and Greatest: How Venus Williams Helped Create Serena

Diop: Arab/Islamic Invasion of Africa “A Figment of the Imagination”

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This has been my argument for decades. People regurgitate what they’ve heard others stated rather then research for themselves. And as was stated in the text, everyone is not from royalty!!!

knowledge of self

Much has been made of Arab invasions of Africa: … in Black Africa they are figments of the imagination. -Cheikh Anta Diop

The unconscious community is confused.  Especially about Islam.  One minute, as Moors, Muslims are the pride of African civilization, giving knowledge to the cave men West Asia (“Europe”) (who had actually been out of caves for MILLENIA, with little things like the Roman Empire to their credit.)  The next minute Muslims are the enemies of African civilization, interrupting the building of pyramids in Kemet (even though it had been colonized by Romans and Persians for CENTURIES before Islam).

So which one is it?  My advice is to take it from someone like the revered scholar Cheikh Anta Diop over a Facebook revolutionary who can drop names but won’t quote a book:

While the Arabs did conquer North Africa by force of arms, they quite peaceably entered [dark brown] Africa: the desert…

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