What I think we ought to do is start finding other avenues in which to sell our books. Additionally, start using and directing our readers to Goodreads and other sites for reviews. Maybe if we hit Amazon where it hurts, they will roll it back a few. Many of us only met virtually and that is what Social Media is about, right?

Elyse Bruce

The last few weeks have proven to be difficult for Indie authors on Amazon due to a number of policy changes, not the least of which has to do with book reviews.  Two months ago, many reviews were deemed invalid and were removed from the Amazon site which caused an uproar among a segment of Indie authors.

Some reviews removed were “paid for” reviews while others were “review for review swap” reviews.  Some were “doxing” reviews (in other words, the sole intent was to sink the author’s book before got a toehold in the market) and some were “toxic” reviews (in other words, the sole intent was to use the review format to personally attack the author).

But then there came to light another kind of review removal and that was the removal of reviews by those Amazon considered to be a friend of the author regardless of whether the…

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One thought on “Do We Need To Be Enemies?

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my blog article with your fandom, Karimah G, and thanks for adding your excellent comments.

    Amazon, are you listening yet? If you aren’t, it’s time you straightened up and woke up to the digital reality of indie creators.


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