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Native-born American Muslims

love or deen 2

Review in SUNY Empire State College’s The Student Connection newsletter:

Areebah’s Dilemma: Love or Deen
By Karimah Grayson
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$14.99, 280 pp, Paper

Life is often fraught with ethical quagmires that make it necessary for one to make tough choices. In Areebah’s Dilemma: Love or Deen by Karimah Grayson, the main character must decide whether or not she will enter a relationship that may produce negative consequences for her faith. Areebah, a happily married Muslim woman, is preparing for the death of her terminally-ill husband. At the same time, she is presented the chance to become reacquainted with her long lost love, Frankie. Unfortunately for Areebah, Frankie is not Muslim, which makes him an unacceptable suitor. Added, is the fact that Frankie is married, so she also must decide if she will play the role of homewrecker.

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