Sister Jennah


Once Upon a Current Lifetime,

I lived, dwelled and wandered (mostly strolled) in a somewhat catastrophically manner. Realizing I was, after all only running away from Me, Myself and I.

This was before I FINALLY (Embraced Myself) and accepted and/or remembered; WHOM I TRULY WAS, WHO I TRULY AM and WHOM I TRULY CAN and WILL BECOME.

On THIS Current Journey, In THIS Current Lifetime and having reached THIS Stage of Maturity (54 years of age), the former feelings of Non-Acceptance from Others, Full Confusion, Self-doubt, Self-loathing, lowered Self-Esteem, People Pleasing, allowing Others to Guide and Direct how I Live, My Lifestyle, Religious or Non-Religious Choices, Loving Everyone Else (Without Loving Myself FIRST), No Longer Pertains to Me.

Within this confusing, yet beautiful lifetime (I believe) that I have now chosen this moment to be my final cycle in the stages of human soul & spirit reincarnation.

On this…

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