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How would you feel if your husband took a second wife?

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In “The Shoulders On Which I Stand”, Daria was presented with this exact scenario. Did she seek divorce? Was she accepting and supportive? Did she shut down and begin hating the second wife. Find out while reading “Shoulders”. I’m curious as to how you would handle it.

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The Shoulders On Which I Stand – Paperback

The Shoulders On Which I Stand – Kindle

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The Shoulders On Which I Stand by Karimah Grayson

The Shoulders On Which I Stand

by Karimah Grayson

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Article: I Was Forced to Accept Islam

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Have you ever been forced to do anything? How did you respond? Read this interesting article. The author explains how she was forced to accept Islam. Let’s discuss.


Forced To Accept Islam


Have You Heard of the EGrassroots Business Flash BOM

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Happening today, this event is for Black Owned Businesses. Come share your businesses.

EGrassroots Business

EGrassRoots Business