Everyday Black History – Billie Holiday

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I remember watching movies; going to plays; and learning about Billie Holiday growing up. Such an interesting and beauti ful woman with a great voice. She also had a lot of sadness.

She received four posthumous Grammy awards, for Best Historical Album. She, herself, was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame 1973.

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Everyday Black History – Dick Gregory

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He fought for our rights almost up to his last day. He took on a range of issues, including ending the Vietnam War; feminism; Native-American rights; and apartheid in South Africa.

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Everyday Black History- Amy Jacques Garvey

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One thing I can say about Marcus Garvey, he loved women named Amy. Not only did he love them, they loved him. This strong Black woman named Amy Jacques Garvey didn’t stop the cause when her husband went to prison.

Amy Jacques Garvey was the second wife of Marcus Garvey. But, that’s not her claim to fame. She also was a pioneering journalist, publisher, and advocate for the improvement of African-American lives through Black Nationalism. What did James Brown say? “It’s a man’s world, but it’s nothing without a woman.”

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Everyday Black History – Medgar Evers

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When people refuse to vote, I become angry. The anger rises from learning about so many people who died trying to vote or who died trying to help others to get the write to vote.

Well, Medgar Evers is one of those people. Worked on voting rights and registration; economic opportunity; access to public facilities; and other changes within segregated society.

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Everyday Black History -Jury O. Newton, Ph.D

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Cofounder of the Black Panther Party for Self-defense in 1966. Although he was illiterate, he faced that obstacle head-on and attended Merritt College as well as the University of California, Santa Cruz. He sponsored a free breakfast program for children; sickle-cell anemia tests; free food and shoes; and a school.

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Everyday Black History – Amanirenas

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When learning Black History, citizens of the United States oftentimes assume it’s only the history of Black Americans. But, meet Amanirenas. Born approximately 40BCE and died around 10CE. Amanirenas and her army used gruesome tactics against the enemy, including attacking with war elephants and feeding captives to her pet lion. Learn more about her and other courageous Black women buy purchasing volume 2 from my affiliate link at Urban Intellectuals.

View my Interview by NbA Muslims Hostes Layla Poulos- Abdullah

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History, polygamy, and the Single Muslimah Threat, Karimah Grayson and have a lot to talk about. Don’t miss the next NbA Muslims Authors Speak with Karimah Grayson! Tonight at 7pm. Use the link below to view it live!

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