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View my Interview by NbA Muslims Hostes Layla Poulos- Abdullah

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History, polygamy, and the Single Muslimah Threat, Karimah Grayson and have a lot to talk about. Don’t miss the next NbA Muslims Authors Speak with Karimah Grayson! Tonight at 7pm. Use the link below to view it live!

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Slavery…get over it? Come on now!

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Here’s a serious question and I am not asking this question to offend anyone. But, I’ve read statuses and comments from many white people who continually ask why do we keep bringing up slavery and it ended over 150 years ago. My question is, why do anyone follow their religious scriptures because depending on which scripture you follow they are at least 1435 years old.

Also, why are those from the south so stuck on the Confederate Flag? Why are we told to not forget about The Holocaust? According to the logic of those telling us to forget slavery, we weren’t there and had nothing to do with it.

Slavery is an integral part of US history and no matter how much people want to stick their heads in the sand about it, it was an institution that was not only back by the government of the United States, but it was even documented in the Constitution of the United States. I really want honest answers about this and no attacks or name calling.


Read how Daria handles foolishness like this at The Shoulders On Which I Stand – Pocket Sized Book or The Shoulders On Which I Stand – 6″ x 9″.


How would you feel if your husband took a second wife?

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In “The Shoulders On Which I Stand”, Daria was presented with this exact scenario. Did she seek divorce? Was she accepting and supportive? Did she shut down and begin hating the second wife. Find out while reading “Shoulders”. I’m curious as to how you would handle it.

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Dancing Trees

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Have you ever seen dancing trees? Did it make you want to sit and watch or stand and join in on the dance. The movement of the trees were so fluid. The sway without effort with the wind. Their green leaves and brown branches move with the gracefulness of a ballerina.


These moving, dancing trees whose branches reach out into the cerulean blue sky with the white wisps of clouds made a Sunday a fun day.


The Shoulders on Which I Stand

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I did it! My husband, sister, and so many others always had faith in my abilities. Ever since writing “The Shoulders On Which I Stand” for NaNo WriMo 2014, I’ve been waiting to publish it. With the use of Amazon.com and Create Space, I’ve successfully published this title. It’s exciting and frightening at the same time.

Why exciting and frightening one may ask. Although I like the story and think it’s a great read, I’m curious how others outside of my personal realm feel. If interested in reading my debut novel, please click this link and preview the novel before it’s released. https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1171144

Shoulders Book Cover

The world of writing is exciting and fun. I find myself not wanting to watch televisions or movies because the stories in my head are much more interesting. Make sure to preview the book and leave your feedback. I’ll greatly appreciate it.

By the way, the book is also available via amazon.com for preorder. http://www.amazon.com/Shoulders-Which-I-Stand-ebook/dp/B00YG67X68/ref=la_B00YI751B4_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1433284737&sr=1-1

The Shoulders Book Cover

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