Everyday Black History- Redlining

Often it is argued that Black Americans are lazy. That we have no drive or determination. That all other marginalized groups enter the US and are successful, therefore it proves that we are shiftless and good for nothing.

As an author it is beat in your head to not write in passive voice. The argument goes that one performs the act and not have the act performed on them. Well…sometimes.

Have you heard or learned about redlining? Well, let me tell you something. In order to determine where and where not; who and who not to sell houses or give loans, banks would draw a redline to mark areas where banks would not make loans.

It’s not by mistake, it’s by design. This practice, now illegal, although I’m not sure for how long, meant that banks would offer loans to lower-income whites but not to middle and upper-income Blacks. Things that make you go hmm…?

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Everyday Black History – Amanirenas

When learning Black History, citizens of the United States oftentimes assume it’s only the history of Black Americans. But, meet Amanirenas. Born approximately 40BCE and died around 10CE. Amanirenas and her army used gruesome tactics against the enemy, including attacking with war elephants and feeding captives to her pet lion. Learn more about her and other courageous Black women buy purchasing volume 2 from my affiliate link at Urban Intellectuals.

Everyday Black History – Percy Julian

This man, Percy Julian, was extraordinary. He was the pioneer in the industrial large-scale chemical synthesis of human hormones. Learn more about him and more by purchasing Urban Intellectuals Black History Volume 1 flashcards. Click on my affiliate link for purchasing information. Black History Flashcards