A Prison Sentence Should Not Be a Death Sentence

Many prisoners are dying of COVID-19. Their prison sentences should not be a death sentence. #FreeEmAll. Join the march tomorrow.

Russell Maroon Shoatz is 77 years of age and is afflicted with cancer and COVID-19. Contact the State of Pennsylvania to have him released to his family.


Alvin Joyner died a couple of weeks ago of COVID-19. View his video and see why a prison sentence should not be a death sentence.


For Immediate Release



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Why was I so callous?

I was walking through campus and you weren’t on my mind

Until someone said that their father was going to buy her a car next year

It wasn’t until that time, five years later, did I realize I missed having a relationship with you.

When I visited you the week before you died, I had no feelings.

Why was I so callous?

We left Ohio and drove back to Philadelphia, I felt no sadness.

Why was I so callous?

As soon as we arrived, we received message that you died…

We had to go back, I was mad, not sad.

Why was I so callous?

I was mad because your death messed up my perfect attendance

I was mad that I had to miss a week of school

I did not cry at your funeral when everyone else did

Why was I so callous?

My mother never said a negative word about you and she ensured that we knew who you were

But, we had no relationship

Your first words to me as I walked into the house from the cold Columbus weather were, “Take off your coat. I’ve never seen you without your coat.”

My response, “This is your first time seeing me and we just walked in the house.”

Why was I so callous?

It wasn’t until that day walking through campus did I realize that I missed you because I would never have that father-daughter relationship.

Is that why I was so callous?

Why I refuse to use the flag GIVEN to us for Juneteenth!

When I received the image below via email, I was enraged. Why enraged, one may ask? Seeing a Red, White, and Blue represent the freedom of United States Citizens from being enslaved while there is a flag representative to the Black people of the United States, which is represented by the colors Red, Black, and Green.

Juneteenth Flag created by Ben Haith and Lisa Jeanne Graf

I researched the design of the flag. I came across an article from CNN. Upon reading the article, my anger was solidified. Please click the link, https://tinyurl.com/juneteenthflag, which provides the history of the flag.

This reminds me of how history of the USA is being whitewashed, this is another avenue in which it is being done. This may appear to be trivial; however, as I learned more about the creation of this flag, I became further enraged. The creator of this flag is Ben Haith. Picture retrieved from https://twitter.com/B3N_H41TH/photo

Ben Haith

Continuing with the reading, I also learned that the illustrator was Lisa Jeanne Graf. Picture retrieved from https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-jeanne-graf-a9863a6/.

Lisa Jeanne Graf

As you can see, there is no Black American involved in the creation or illustration of this flag. I see a lot of people sharing this flag and it is clear that more education is needed.

Below is the flag that better represents the Black people of the United States. The flag’s colors are Red, Black, and Green. View the flag and read what each of the colors represent. The image of the flag was retrieved from https://pathlesspagan.tumblr.com/post/182524331380.

UNIA Flag, 1921

This is not to cause division, hate, or disgust, this blog is to bring clarity, education, and understanding. I know that the history of the United States is a long and arduous history; but, it is not beneficial to anyone to leave out the importance that Black people have to the USA.

I invite everyone to learn more about the history of the United States for ALL of the citizens. The USA was never, nor will it ever be, all White. You can call it a melting pot, mosaic, blended, or whatever. However, it is important not to eliminate ANY member of the citizenry.

Happy New Year! What A Great Time To Be an Eagle Not A Feather

Have you ever embarked upon a current or new task and could not focus? Do you have children or students who seem to have no direction? Are you one of those who is focused but like to take a quarterly reflection on what you completed? This journal makes you delve deep into yourself by asking the five “Ws” and “H”. Transform yourself this year or help others get their direction. It is time to not go whichever way the wind blows.

This book has three sizes as well as a Kindle Version. Below are the purchase options.

5 x 8 Paperback Book 6 x 9 Paperback Book 8.5 x 11 Paperback Book Kindle Version

Islam in Philadelphia — DVVS Inc.

This presentation is my perspective of the Philadelphia Ummah. Of course, perspective is subjective and one may see differently than I. Overall, the importance is getting to know the Muslim communities around the country and to minimize the marginalization of Muslims born in these United States and to not fall for the narrative that all American Muslims are descendants of immigrants to this country.

Islam in Philadelphia — DVVS Inc.